The BAKESMITH brand was created to inspire and facilitate an inclusive and interactive experience between family, friends, and all.

A party’s dessert is just as important as one’s entrance- entire celebrations and gatherings are positioned around the finale cake; but, we believe dessert is about more than only sweets; it is people collectively sharing their time and enjoying, experiencing, commemorating, celebrating. . .

We see something truly special in that effect and aim to delight personal moments- whether an intimate two-person rendezvous or grandest of celebrations, it is our pleasure to share a part of your table and be present in these moments in time with our customers.

To all, we extend our invitation to enrich your personal moments into positively new and delightful occasions.

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Our signature BAKESMITH packaging boxes were specially designed in the BAKESMITH Kitchen with careful consideration to design and functionality to achieve stress-free and effortless winsome entertaining.

The All-In-One Cake Stand Gift Box is an exclusive design from BAKESMITH. Currently patent-pending, our one-of-a-kind creation is ready for any occasion- effortlessly offering functionality, convenience, and elegant charm.

Exclusive Cake Stand Gift Box: Carry, Cut, Serve, Store, Recycle



The Brand – The Cake Accolade
The symbolism of the Emblem was envisioned in the BAKESMITH Kitchen even before the recipe. Made in testimonial shapes, we created these beautiful handcrafted chocolates to more honorably tribute our guest(s)-of-honor, especially as they share with others slices of precious cake. It’s like a Cake Accolade… because we deserve one of those.

Emblems can be customized to any color and almost any shape! They make beautiful and unique cake toppers, hostess gifts, and memorable event favors.

The Chocolate
Emblems are our unique collection of specially curated, premium artisanal chocolates. Each Emblem is individually handcrafted and filled with a gorgeous surprise of colorful treats made entirely from scratch in The BAKESMITH Kitchen.

BAKESMITH exclusive
You’ll Only Find Emblems Here

the BAKESMITH kitchen

The BAKESMITH Kitchen and staff commit to our values and standards of craftsmanship, quality, and purity, along with offering winsome entertaining service.

The BAKESMITH Kitchen maintains a premier standard for ingredient quality. We outsource only those of premium-grade, never use hydrogenated oils, fats, or added preservatives. We are proud to use only couverture chocolate from one of the top established and reputable cacao beans source considered among the finest in the world.

Each recipe is prepared in The BAKESMITH Kitchen through a true labor of love. All BAKESMITH products are housed in our signature keepsake gift packagings specially designed to pair functionality, convenience, and elegant charm.

Made entirely from scratch, our recipes pay homage to century-old traditional methods and flavors, with a BAKESMITH twist.



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